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Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Bruns G, Huth M, 2011, Access Control via Belnap Logic: Intuitive, Expressive, and Analyzable Policy Composition, Acm Transactions on Information and System Security, Vol:14

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Huth, M., Ryan, M., 2004, Logic in computer science: modelling and reasoning about systems, Cambridge University Press, ISBN:9780521543101


Crampton J, Huth M, 2010, An Authorization Framework Resilient to Policy Evaluation Failures, 15th European Symposium on Research in Computer Security (ESORICS 2010), Springer Verlag, Pages:472-487

Charlton N, Huth M, 2007, Hector: software model checking with cooperating analysis plugins, Computer Aided Verification (CAV 2007), Springer

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Pasareanu C, Dwyer M, Huth M, 1999, Assume-Guarantee Model Checking of Software: A Comparative Case Study, 6th International SPIN Workshop on Practical Aspects of Model Checking, Springer Verlag, Pages:168-183

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