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Michiyo Iwami is a Research Associate at the Department of Infectious Disease, and currently working with Prof Carlton Evans (Prof of Global Health) for the JGHT-funded Community Randomised Evaluation of a Socioeconomic Intervention to Prevent tuberculosis project in Peru. She is a UK Network Member for the UKRI-GCRF Andean Network for Venezuelan Migrants, led by Prof Juan Arroyo at Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia.

At Imperial College London, she was previously involved in national and international research projects around infection prevention & control and safety culture. This includes the EU-funded Prevention of Hospital Infections by Intervention & Training project, in which she was involved in the development of safety culture questionnaires, NIHR HS&DR programme-funded project, and the Health Foundation-funded project on healthcare-associated infections. She also contributed to the reviews of health innovation technology and national action plans on antimicrobial resistance. She has recently led the Imperial team and completed the Daiwa Foundation Award international project, in collaboration with Kyoto University in Japan, to tackle global antimicrobial resistance through shared learning.

She was also involved in international primary care research project, focusing on several forms of organisational development (e.g. local engagement, health and social care, interprofessional development, etc) to identify transferable lessons for local UK health policy and practice when working as a Research Fellow at the University of Warwick. Through this project, she gained field experience in five South American countries (Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, Chile, and Brazil) and three Asian countries (Thailand, the Philippines, and Japan).

Michiyo has a PhD in Health and Social Studies from the University of Warwick. Her PhD study looked at Peru’s major community participatory model from a gender perspective, with sexual and reproductive health as the health focus.

Her research interests are: tackling (multidrug-resistant) tuberculosis in marginalised/vulnerable groups from a multidisciplinary perspective; investigating people’s movement/interactions and other characteristics and their impact on the human and environmental health using novel approaches and through a multidisciplinary team; anthropological approaches, healthcare services and organisation, health policy and systems research, particularly in Latin American countries, with special interest in addressing developments in community participation and reducing inequalities and inequities in health and health care; creative application of (re-)emerging concepts to global health challenges; and international learning and collaboration.



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