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Studies and Working Papers

Chase, A.; Gross, R.; Heptonstall, PJ; Jansen, M; Kenefick, M.; Parrish, B.; Robson, P. (2017): Realising the Potential of Demand Side Response - A report commissioned by BEIS, Reportf for the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

Jansen, M. (2017): Design von Innovationsausschreibungen im EEG 2017 - Innovation Balancing für ein integriertes Energiesystem (eng.: Design of Innovation Tenders for the German Renewables Act 2017 - Innovation Balancing for an integrated Energy System). Study for the German Renewable Energy Federation and HannoverMesse (in German).

Jansen, M.; Richts, C.; Gerhardt, N.; Lenck, T. Heddrich, M. (2015): Strommarkt-Flexibilisierung - Hemmnisse und Lösungskonzepte (eng.: Flexibilising the electricity market – challenges and solutions). Study for the German Renewable Energy Association (in German).

Jansen, M. (2014): Optimierung der Marktbedingungen für die Regelleistungserbringung durch Erneuerbare Energien (eng.: Optimisation of market conditions for the provision of control reserve by renewable energy sources). Study for the German Renewable Energy Association and HannoverMesse (in German).

Rohrig, K.; Richts, C.; Bofinger, S.; Jansen, M; Siefert, M.; Pfaffel, S.; Durstewitz, M. (2014): Energiewirtschaftliche Bedeutung der Offshore-Windenergie für die Energiewende (eng.: The Importance of Offshore Wind Energy in the Energy Sector and for the German Energiewende). Study for the Stiftung Offshore Windenergie (long version in German and short version in English).

Brauns, S.; Jansen, M.; Jost, D.; Siefert, M.; Speckmann, M.; Widdel, M. (2014): Regelenergie durch Windkraftanlagen - Abschlussbericht (eng.: Control Reserve from Wind Power Plants – Final Report).

Conference papers

Otterson, S.; Jost, D.; Jansen, M.; Siefert, M. (2016): Stochastic trading across time under German TSO constraints. Wind Integration Workshop 2016, 16th November 2016. Vienna, Austria.

Richts, C.; Jansen, M.; Siefert, M. (2015): Determining the economic value of offshore wind power plants in the changing energy system. 12th Deep Sea Offshore R&D Conference, EERA DeepWind’2015. Trondheim, Norway. Full paper in proceedings, In Energy Procedia 80 (2015), pp.442-432. DOI: 10.1016/j.egypro.2015.11.446.

Jansen, M.; Jost, D.; Siefert, M.; Widdel, M. (2014): Regelenergie durch Windkraftanlagen (eng.: Balancing Reserve from Wind Turbines). Symposium Energieinnovationen 2014, 14th February 2014. Graz, Austria.