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Dr Iq Mead commenced the role of Head of Air Quality Measurement in the ERG team at Imperial College London in December 2021. As part of this role his responsibilities include the London Air Quality Network of reference grade instruments, as well as the Breathe London hyper-local community sensor network.

Prior to this role he was Regional Program Manager - Atmosphere at ICIMOD (the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development). ICIMOD is an intergovernmental knowledge centre based in Nepal serving eight countries across the Himalaya region (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar, Nepal, and Pakistan). Generating data and knowledge on emissions, the changing climate, meteorology, air quality, health impacts plus their links to the wider environment and its governance. Developing regional technical expertise, capacity and guidance for decision makers.

He was a lecturer at CU-CEAI (Cranfield University UK, Centre for Environmental and Agricultural Informatics), leading the work there on developing and deploying new sensors to investigate emissions of pollutants. This includes low-cost high-density networks of sensors for investigation of scales of pollutant transport and analysis of high-density network data and integration with large scale products (e.g. satellite, aircraft, modelling).

Before taking up this lectureship, Dr Mead worked at the University of Manchester in the School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences on observational studies of atmospheric trace species. This was as part of projects investigating greenhouse species, reactive gases and aerosol loading.

During this time in Malaysia Dr Mead was also a periodic Visiting Scientist with the NASA DISCOVER-AQ mission where he deployed cutting-edge low-cost sensor networks to complement aircraft studies at several sites across mainland USA.

Dr Mead also worked at the University of Cambridge (as Research Associate then Senior Research Associate) where he played an integral part in a world-leading research group for approximately 7 years, pioneering the use of miniature sensors in composition measurements. He played a leading scientific and management role in the use of small sensors in atmospheric research which included the development of an in-situ observational model with the potential for changing composition studies and methodologies globally.



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