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DrMiguelMolina Solana

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Computing

Honorary Research Fellow



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William Penney LaboratorySouth Kensington Campus





Dr Miguel Molina-Solana currently holds a Marie Curie Research Fellowship position at the University of Granada. Before, he was a Marie Curie Research Fellow at Imperial's Data Science Institute (DSI). He maintains a close collaboration with the College by participating in research projects, supervising students and performing short visits. His research experience comprises applied work in the areas of Knowledge Representation, Data Understanding, and AI.



Martínez V, Fernando S, Molina-Solana M, et al., 2020, Tuoris: A middleware for visualizing dynamic graphics in scalable resolution display environments, Future Generation Computer Systems, ISSN:0167-739X

Fernando S, Amador Díaz López J, Şerban O, et al., 2019, Towards a large-scale twitter observatory for political events, Future Generation Computer Systems, ISSN:0167-739X

Oehmichen A, Hua K, Lopez JAD, et al., 2019, Not all lies are equal. A study into the engineering of political misinformation in the 2016 US presidential election, Ieee Access, Vol:7, ISSN:2169-3536, Pages:126305-126314

Gomez-Romero J, Fernandez-Basso CJ, Cambronero MV, et al., 2019, A probabilistic algorithm for predictive control with full-complexity models in non-residential buildings, Ieee Access, Vol:7, ISSN:2169-3536, Pages:38748-38765


Fernando S, Birch D, Molina-Solana M, et al., 2019, Compositional Microservices for Immersive Social Visual Analytics, Pages:216-223, ISSN:1093-9547

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