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Dr Masahiro Ono is an immunologist and expert in T-cell regulation. His research focuses on mechanisms of T cell activation and regulation in autoimmunity, infections, and cancer. He is the pioneer of the Timer-of-Cell-Kinetics-and-Activity (Tocky, とき), which analyses temporal changes of T-cell activities in vivo using Fluorescent Timer protein.

Dr Ono did his undergraduate in Faculty of Medicine, Kyoto University (1993-1999, MD) and later was trained in dermatology. He did his PhD in 2002 - 2006 in the study of regulatory T cells (Tregs) and the transcription factors Foxp3 and Runx1, starting his immunology career. In 2009, he obtained a HFSP Fellowship, and joined University College London (UCL), when he extended his research to immunological genomics. In 2012, he was awarded a BBSRC David Phillips Fellowship, and established his lab in UCL. He joined Imperial in 2015 and was appointed as a Senior Lecturer in 2018. He was promoted to a Reader in Immunology in 2020.

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