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Dr Margaret "Daisy" Pataki

Central FacultyCentre for Languages, Culture and Communication

Teaching Fellow in Global Challenges







S311Sherfield BuildingSouth Kensington Campus




Rapid reservoir modelling

I am part of the research team developing the Rapid Reservoir Modelling (RRM) program. RRM is a collaborative effort involving researchers from Imperial College London, Heriot-Watt University, and the University of Calgary, funded by ExxonMobil, Petrobras, Shell, Statoil and IBM Research. We aim to develop a reservoir modelling tool that allows rapid creation of geological models and figures using a sketch-based approach.

My research focus is on development of the geological rules the RRM program must obey in order to create geologically realistic models. We are creating a set of operators and hierarchies to describe the interaction of geological surfaces, representing structure, stratigraphy, sedimentology and diagenesis, for application to surface-based modeling (SBM) of hydrocarbon reservoirs and other geological systems.

To learn more about RRM, please visit this link.

My previous research interests include process sedimentology, architecture and development of clastic deepwater depositional systems, multi-scale geologic interpretation from core to image log to seismic, and understanding the development of stylolites in carbonate and clastic environments.