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I am a NERC Independent Research Fellow and I study active volcanic and tectonic processes at plate margins. I am currently working on a project to study magma/water interaction in the oceanic lithosphere integrating geophysical imaging, rock physics, and laboratory experiments.

Expertise: Marine Geophysics, Tectonics, Volcano seismology, Seismic Tomography

Short bio. After graduating in Physics of the Earth and Environment from the University of Trieste (Italy), I obtained a PhD in Marine Geophysics at the National Oceanography Centre Southampton (UK). This was followed by three years as a PostDoc at The University of Oxford working on a NERC-funded project to study seamount subduction. From January 2014 to October 2016 I was based at Géoazur (Nice, France) supported by an AXA Postdoctoral Fellowship.

NEW 2023 PhD opportunity:

Teleseismic full waveform imaging of active volcanoes with massive arrays of seismic nodes. 

This is a PhD project within our SSCP DTP with CASE partner funding from SmartSolo. More info here:

All the information on how to apply can be found on the SSCP webpages

Recent publications:

Paulatto, M., Hooft, E., Chrapkiewicz, K., Heath, B., Toomey, D., & Morgan, J. (2022). Advances in seismic imaging of magma and crystal mush. Frontiers in Earth Science,

Schmid, F., Petersen, G., Hooft, E., Paulatto, M., Chrapkiewicz, K., Hensch, M., & Dahm, T. (2022). Heralds of Future Volcanism: Swarms of Microseismicity Beneath the Submarine Kolumbo Volcano Indicate Opening of Near‐Vertical Fractures Exploited by Ascending Melts. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems23(7), e2022GC010420,

Paulatto et al. (2019), Vertically Extensive Magma Reservoir Revealed From Joint Inversion and Quantitative Interpretation of Seismic and Gravity Data, JGR

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Chatzis N, Papazachos C, Theodoulidis N, et al., 2022, Metamorphic bedrock geometry of Santorini using HVSR information and geophysical modeling of ambient noise and active-source surface-wave data, Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, Vol:432, ISSN:0377-0273

Chrapkiewicz K, Paulatto M, Heath BA, et al., 2022, Magma Chamber Detected Beneath an Arc Volcano With Full-Waveform Inversion of Active-Source Seismic Data, Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems, Vol:23

Ezenwaka K, Marcaillou B, Laigle M, et al., 2022, Thermally-constrained fluid circulation and seismicity in the Lesser Antilles subduction zone, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Vol:597, ISSN:0012-821X

Paulatto M, Hooft E, Chrapkiewicz K, et al., 2022, Advances in seismic imaging of magma and crystal mush, Frontiers in Earth Science, Vol:10, ISSN:2296-6463, Pages:1-31

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