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Dr Mireille Rack

Faculty of Natural SciencesCentre for Environmental Policy

Visiting Researcher



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Mireille Rack is a researcher at Imperial College London in the Centre for Environmental Policy (CEP). She received her BSc in Biology from Imperial College London in 2008 and her MSc in Environmental Technology (Global Environmental Change & Policy) from Imperial College London in 2009. Upon graduating in 2009 and before returning to CEP in 2011, Mireille Rack spent time at the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) and the University of Cambridge working on projects related to sustainability, Life Cycle Assessment and Global Climate Change. 

Current Research

Mireille Rack is currently working on the EuroChar project as both a Research Assistant and a Doctoral Researcher. EuroChar is an EU project under the 7th Framework Programme aiming to address a number of the unknown issues and uncertainties around biochar and in particular its potential introduction into the modern-day agricultural systems in Europe. Mireille Rack is working with Dr. Jeremy Woods within the Bioenergy & Biomass research group of ICEPT to conduct a Life Cycle Assessment of the biochar supply chains. Her research interests include sustainability, sustainability assessments, in particular Life Cycle Assessment, and resource management.



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Sonnemann G, Vigon B, Rack M, et al., 2013, Global guidance principles for life cycle assessment databases: development of training material and other implementation activities on the publication, The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, ISSN:0948-3349, Pages:1-4

Lugato E, Vaccari FP, Genesio L, et al., 2012, An energy-biochar chain involving biomass gasification and rice cultivation in Northern Italy, Global Change Biology Bioenergy

Thesis Dissertations

Rack M, 2009, LCA of Novel Bio-Based Packaging Materials

More Publications