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Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Life Sciences

Visiting Researcher



+44 (0)20 7594 5405m.ramel




6150Sir Alexander Fleming BuildingSouth Kensington Campus






Moroz-Omori EV, Satyapertiwi D, Ramel MC, et al., 2020, Photoswitchable gRNAs for spatiotemporally controlled CRISPR-Cas-based genomic regulation, Acs Central Science, Vol:6, ISSN:2374-7943, Pages:695-703

Kumar S, Lockward N, Ramel M-C, et al., 2016, Quantitative in vivo optical tomography of cancer progression & vasculature development in adult zebrafish, Oncotarget, Vol:7, ISSN:1949-2553, Pages:43939-43948

Andrews N, Ramel M-C, Kumar S, et al., 2016, Visualising apoptosis in live zebrafish using fluorescence lifetime imaging with optical projection tomography to map FRET biosensor activity in space and time, Journal of Biophotonics, Vol:9, ISSN:1864-0648, Pages:414-424

Correia T, Lockwood N, Kumar S, et al., 2015, Accelerated optical projection tomography applied to in vivo imaging of zebrafish, Plos One, Vol:10, ISSN:1932-6203


Andrews N, Ramel MC, Kumar S, et al., 2016, Fluorescence lifetime optical projection tomography and FRET applied to visualizing apoptosis in live zebrafish larvae

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