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Maksym Romenskyy is currently a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellow in the Department of Life Sciences at Imperial College London. Before joining the College in 2018, he held Researcher (Swedish: Forskare) positions at the Zoology Department at Stockholm University (2017-2018) and at the Department of Mathematics at Uppsala University (2013-2017).

Maksym Romenskyy obtained his PhD training in Theoretical Physics at University College Dublin (2009-2013), which was preceded by the first class honours MSc and BSc degrees in Ecology and Biology from Donetsk National University (2003-2008).

He is interested in dynamic self-organization, decision making and emergent collective phenomena in biological and biology-inspired systems. His interdisciplinary research employs various quantitative methods, including computational agent-based modelling, mathematical analysis and statistical physics technics. For more on his research interests, visit Maksym Romenskyy's Personal Website.



Ding SS, Romenskyy M, Sarkisyan KS, et al., 2020, Measuring Caenorhabditis elegans spatial foraging and food intake using bioluminescent bacteria, Genetics, ISSN:0016-6731

Romenskyy M, Herbert-Read JE, Ioannou CC, et al., 2019, Quantifying the structure and dynamics of fish shoals under predation threat in three dimensions, Behavioral Ecology, ISSN:1045-2249

Corral-López A, Romenskyy M, Kotrschal A, et al., 2019, Brain size affects responsiveness in mating behavior to variation in predation pressure and sex-ratio., J Evol Biol

Netsvetov M, Prokopuk Y, Puchalka R, et al., 2019, River regulation causes rapid changes in relationships between floodplain oak growth and environmental variables, Frontiers in Plant Science, Vol:10, ISSN:1664-462X, Pages:1-11

Romenskyy M, Spaiser V, Ihle T, et al., 2018, Polarized Ukraine 2014: opinion and territorial split demonstrated with the bounded confidence by model, parametrized XY Twitter data, Royal Society Open Science, Vol:5, ISSN:2054-5703

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