Imperial College London

Mrs Margaret "Daisy" Rood

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Earth Science & Engineering

Research Associate







Royal School of MinesSouth Kensington Campus





Research Associate in Rapid Reservoir Modeling


Research Associate - Imperial College London (2015-present)

University Teacher, School of Geographical and Earth Sciences - University of Glasgow (2012-2014)

Geologist, Geothermal - GeothermEx Inc., a Schlumberger Company (2010-2011)

Geologist, Clastic Stratigraphy - Chevron Energy Technology Company (2007-2010)

Geologist, Professional Intern - Chevron Energy Technology Company (2006)

MS Geological Science - University of California, Santa Barbara (2003-2007)

Postgraduate Researcher, Institute for Crustal Studies - University of California, Santa Barbara (2002-2003)

BA Earth Science - Boston University (1998-2002)



Zhang Z, Geiger S, Rood M, et al., 2017, A Tracing Algorithm for Flow Diagnostics on Fully Unstructured Grids With Multipoint Flux Approximation, Spe Journal, Vol:22, ISSN:1930-0220, Pages:1946-1962

Koehn D, Rood MP, Beaudoin N, et al., 2016, A new stylolite classification scheme to estimate compaction and local permeability variations, Sedimentary Geology, Vol:346, ISSN:0037-0738, Pages:60-71


Jacquemyn C, Rood M, Melnikova Y, et al., My Geology Is Too Complex for My Grid: Grid-Free Surface-Based Geological Modelling, EAGE annual conference and exhibition

Zhang Z, Geiger S, Rood M, et al., 2018, Fast flow computation methods on unstructured tetrahedral meshes for rapid reservoir modelling

Zhang Z, Geiger S, Rood M, et al., 2017, Flow diagnostics on fully unstructured grids, Pages:772-787

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