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Treatment and development of sub-surface fluid reservoirs in rocks, such as aquifers, hydrocarbon reservoirs or CO2 storage sites, is crucial for the reduction of stress on water supply, energy demand, climate and environment. Insight in how fluids behave within the confined space of the porous rock is key for decision-making processes in the associated applications.

I study the role of molecular interactions of fluids with minerals and how these link to the macroscopic flow phenomena.

As part of the Shell Digital Rock Programme, I develop an integrated experimental workflow for upscaling these molecular processes based on investigations of surface structures of rock and fluid-film formation by applying atomic force microscopy (AFM). Results are correlated with fluid distributions and flow behaviour observed with micro-computed tomography (µCT). The experimental results are then used for the development of computational solutions aiming to predict the flow behaviour at the Darcy-(Core-)Scale, which may be further integrated into field-scales models.


Date Role
Since 2020

Visiting Researcher

Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London, UK


Assistant Professor

Mechanical Engineering, Eindhoven University of Technology, NL


Research Associate

Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London, UK


PhD in Petroleum Engineering

Shell Global Solutions International B.V., Rijswijk, NL

Earth Science and Engineering, Imperial College London, UK


MSc and BSc in Geoscience

Johannes-Gutenberg University, Mainz, D

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Rucker M, Bartels W-B, Garfi G, et al., 2020, Relationship between wetting and capillary pressure in a crude oil/brine/rock system: From nano-scale to core-scale, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol:562, ISSN:0021-9797, Pages:159-169

Rücker M, Bartels WB, Singh K, et al., 2019, The Effect of Mixed Wettability on Pore-Scale Flow Regimes Based on a Flooding Experiment in Ketton Limestone, Geophysical Research Letters, Vol:46, ISSN:0094-8276, Pages:3225-3234

Rücker M, Berg S, Armstrong RT, et al., 2015, From connected pathway flow to ganglion dynamics, Geophysical Research Letters, Vol:42, ISSN:0094-8276, Pages:3888-3894

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