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Qualifications and Personal History

Michael Seckl trained in medicine at UCL/UCLH gaining a BSc in immunology in 1983 and his MBBS in 1986. He then obtained his MRCP before entering specialist training in Medical Oncology between 1989-1995.

During this period he spent 3 years at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund (London Research Institute; LRI) working on signal transduction in model and lung cancer cells and was awarded his PhD in 1995 (University of London). He was then appointed as a Senior Lecturer at Imperial College whilst working as a post-doctoral fellow at the LRI enabling a series of successful grant applications to support his on going work in lung cancer. His clinical appointment also linked him to the national trophoblastic disease service and so a second stream of research was established.

He became a Reader and FRCP in 2000 and Professor in 2002 and currently heads up Molecular Oncology with its associated Lung Cancer Research team. Within Imperial College, he is the Director of Post Graduate Studies for the Dept of Surgery and Cancer and he leads the Imperial Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre. In the NHS, he is Director of the Charing Cross/ Imperial College Trophoblastic Disease and Malignant Ovarian Germ Cell Tumour (MOGCT) Centre and supraregional tumour marker assay service. He is an international leader in trophoblastic disease and MOGCT, is a past-president of the International Trophoblastic Disease Society (, and is president-elect and a founding member of council of the European Organisation for the Treatment of Trophoblastic Disease (, is a visiting Professor at Peking Union Medical College and serves on several editorial boards and grants committees. He leads the gynae cancer theme of the European Rare Adult Cancer Reference Network (EURACAN). 

He has chaired/organised many national and international meetings related to lung cancer, cell signalling and trophoblastic disease. His work is supported by CR-UK, MRC, EU-FP7, AICR, Dept of Health, industry and several other charities. In recognition of his achievements he was awarded FMedSci in 2017.  


Research Interests

  • Translational Lung Cancer Biology: growth factors and cell signalling for chemoresistance and metastasis and development of novel therapies
  •  Gestational Trophoblastic Disease: genetics, hCG assays and novel therapies
  •  Germ Cell Tumours: development of new therapies in both men and women


National/International Committees/Editorial Boards

  • Association of International Cancer Research:  Grants committee (since 2008)
  •  American Association for Cancer Research – Editorial Board of Cancer Research (since 2009)
  •  Founding Editor of American Journal of Cancer Research (2009)
  •  Cancer Research UK: New Agents Grants Committee (2005-2010)
  • Medical Research Council, Clinical Training and Career Development Panel (since 2006)
  • Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund:  Chair of grants committee (since 2008)
  • Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) Oncology Section (Vice-president and past president and treasurer/secretary)
  • International Society for the Study of Trophoblastic Disease (ISSTD): (Past Secretary/treasurer, past Editor, Past President and current Treasurer)
  • European Organisation for Treatment of Trophoblastic Disease (Founding board member and President-Elect
  • British Association of Cancer Research (BACR):  Executive committee (to Oct. 2009)
  • Supraregional Assay Services:  Board member
  • Chair of Gynae cancer theme of the European Rare Adult Cancer Reference Network (EURACAN)


Selected Publications

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More Publications