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Marek Sergot is Professor of Computational Logic and Head of the Logic and Artificial Intelligence Section in the Department of Computing. His research is in logic for knowledge representation, with particular interests in logics of action and agency, temporal reasoning, and normative reasoning. 

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Artikis A, Sergot M, Paliouras G, 2015, An Event Calculus for Event Recognition, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, Vol:27, ISSN:1041-4347, Pages:895-908

Artikis A, Sergot M, Pitt J, 2009, Specifying Norm-Governed Computational Societies, Acm Transactions on Computational Logic, Vol:10, Pages:1-42

Sergot, M., 2001, A computational theory of normative positions, ACM Transactions on Computational Logic, Vol:2, ISSN:1529-3785, Pages:581-622


Sergot M, 2014, Some Examples Formulated in a 'Seeing to It That' Logic: Illustrations, Observations, Problems, Editor(s): Muller, SPRINGER INT PUBLISHING AG, Pages:223-256, ISBN:978-3-319-01753-2

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