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AB - A powder based processing route was developed to allow manufacturing of thermosettingnanocomposites with high (20 wt%) carbon nanotube (CNT) loading fractions. Adaptation ofhigh shear mixing methods, as used in thermoplastic processing, ensured that the CNTs werewell distributed and dispersed even at the highest loadings. By minimising flow distances,compression moulding of powders ensured that the CNTs did not agglomerate duringconsolidation, and yielded a percolated CNT network in a nanocomposite with excellentelectrical and thermal conductivities of 67 S m-1and 0.77 W m-1 K-1, respectively. Unusually,the CNTs provided effective mechanical reinforcement at even the highest loadings;embrittlement is minimised by avoiding large scale inhomogeneities and the maximummeasured Young’s modulus (5.4 GPa) and yield strength (90 MPa) could make thenanocomposite an attractive matrix for continuous fibre composites. The macromechanicalmeasurements were interpolated using micromechanical models that were previouslysuccessfully applied at the nanoscale.
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