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Mosayeb is a research associate at the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He currently works on modelling lithium-ion batteries and developing numerical tools to investigate the thermal behaviour and performance of lithium-ion cells.

He obtained his PhD from Imperial College London in 2018.  His PhD was in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) where he investigated two-phase flow at the micro-scale using direct numerical simulation (DNS).

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Rücker M, Bartels W-B, Garfi G, et al., 2019, Relationship between wetting and capillary pressure in a crude oil/brine/rock system: From nano-scale to core-scale., J Colloid Interface Sci, Vol:562, Pages:159-169

Shams M, Raeini AQ, Blunt MJ, et al., 2018, A study to investigate viscous coupling effects on the hydraulic conductance of fluid layers in two-phase flow at the pore level, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol:522, ISSN:0021-9797, Pages:299-310

Shams M, Raeini AQ, Blunt MJ, et al., 2017, A numerical model of two-phase flow at the micro-scale using the volume-of-fluid method, Journal of Computational Physics, Vol:357, ISSN:0021-9991, Pages:159-182

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