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My research work and that of my group, the Theoretical Systems Biology group, is centered around reverse-engineering the structure, dynamics and evolutionary history of biological systems. To this end we develop and employ a range of statistical modelling techniques, comparative and evolutionary approaches and text-mining technologies. 

This suite of tools is applied to study signal transduction, gene regulation and physical interaction networks in organisms ranging from Escherichia coli to humans, their role in health and disease, and novel therapeutic approaches.



Professor Shinya Kuroda, University of Tokyo, Systems Biology; Instrument Development; Cellular Information Processing, 2009

Professor Mustafa Khammash and Professor Joerg Stelling, ETH Zurich, Systems and Synthetic Biology; Inverse Problems in Systems Biology, 2009

BBSRC LOLA Award. Mapping Combinatorial Stress Responses in Bacteria Using Chimeric Proteins and Probabilistic Modelling, Imperial College London, 2009

Professor Carsten Wiuf, University of Copenhagen, Statistical Bioinformatics; Graph Theory; Algebraic Geometry, 2002