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Monika is a Teaching Fellow  and Deputy Admissions Tutor for Undergraduate Programmes at the Department of Aeronautics. Her primary focus is on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in applications to Aeronautics.


AERO97072/3 - Artificial Intelligence for Aerospace Engineers

This course introduces the most popular Machine Learning and AI algorithms used in the Aerospace research and industry. Building on basic knowledge of MATLAB and Python as well as Linear Algebra, students gain both theoretical and practical understanding of AI models such as Deep Neural Networks or Unsupervised Learning algorithms. Course assignments give students familiarity with programming in TensorFlow Keras and proficiency in designing, training and optimization of their own AI models.

AERO40004 - Engineering Practice 1: Professional Skills

Introductory course aimed at development of experimental skills, including lab report writing.


2020 - present: Teaching Fellow, Imperial College London

2019 - 2020: Lecturer, INTO City, University of London

2016 - 2019: Director of Curriculum, Reach Cambridge

2012 - 2016: PhD in Physics (Optoelectronics), University of Cambridge

2011 - 2012: MPhil in Physics (Optoelectronics), University of Cambridge



Pazos-Outon LM, Szumilo M, Lamboll R, et al., 2016, Photon recycling in lead iodide perovskite solar cells, Science, Vol:351, ISSN:0036-8075, Pages:1430-1433

Szumilo MM, Gann EH, McNeill CR, et al., 2014, Structure Influence on Charge Transport in Naphthalenediimide–Thiophene Copolymers, Chemistry of Materials, Vol:26, ISSN:0897-4756, Pages:6796-6804

Gann E, McNeill CR, Szumilo M, et al., 2014, Near-edge X-ray absorption fine-structure spectroscopy of naphthalene diimide-thiophene co-polymers, The Journal of Chemical Physics, Vol:140, ISSN:0021-9606, Pages:164710-164710

Kronemeijer AJ, Pecunia V, Venkateshvaran D, et al., 2014, Two-Dimensional Carrier Distribution in Top-Gate Polymer Field-Effect Transistors: Correlation between Width of Density of Localized States and Urbach Energy, Advanced Materials, Vol:26, ISSN:0935-9648, Pages:728-733

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