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Dr Michael Templeton

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Reader in Public Health Engineering



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Dr Templeton's research is focused on generating new engineering knowledge and innovations for solving public health challenges relating to water supply and sanitation. 

His Google Scholar profile can be found here

His EPSRC Grants on the Web profile can be found here

Blogs: World Water Day: Controlling schistosomiasis; World Toilet Day: Making sanitation sustainable and safe; Africa Day: Towards eliminating schistosomiasis in Africa - a multi-disciplinary effort.

Conference presentation video: ISNTD Water, Natural History Museum, London, November 2017. 

Project webpages: WISER: Water Infrastructure for Schistosomiasis-Endemic Regions; STREAM Industrial Doctorate Centre for the Water Sector.  


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  • James Blyth, PhD in progress, Biochemical methods for estimating online UV disinfection dose
  • Rosi Destiani, PhD in progress, Occurrence and control of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in water supply systems
  • Acile Hammoud, PhD in progress, co-supervised, Modelling and controlling nitrate pollution of groundwater by pit latrines in developing countries
  • Liliane Auwerter, PhD in progress, co-supervised, Low-energy water transmission in pipelines by hydrophobic coatings
  • Laure Sione, PhD in progress, co-supervised, Citizen science for assessing the causes, characteristics, and costs of water supply intermittency in developing countries
  • Laura Braun, PhD in progress, Water and sanitation interventions for the prevention of schistosomiasis
  • Joe Croft, PhD in progress, co-supervised, Dissolved organic carbon mineralisation, transformation and treatability in UK drinking water catchments
  • Lucinda Hazell, PhD in progress, Sustainable water treatment methods for preventing schistosomiasis
  • Benedict Krueger, PhD in progress, co-supervised, Novel methods for treating pit latrine sludge

Former students:

  • Lindsay Todman, PhD completed 2013, co-supervised, Modeling irrigation by pervaporative water transfer
  • May Sule, PhD completed 2013, Salt and contaminant removal by pervaporative water treatment
  • Kate Ellis, EngD completed 2014 (registered at the University of Sheffield), co-supervised, Towards zero bacteriological failures in water distribution networks
  • Ian Mayor-Smith, EngD completed 2015, Improved methods for quantifying polychromatic UV disinfection dose
  • Nurul Hana Mokhtar Kamal, PhD completed 2015, Nitrogenous disinfection by-products in drinking water - occurrence, formation and control
  • Jack Grimes, PhD completed 2016, co-supervised, The impact of water, sanitation and hygiene on schistosomiasis
  • Jonny Ritson, PhD completed 2016, co-supervised, The impact of climate change on surface water quality and drinking water treatment
  • Sofia Semitsoglou-Tsiapou, PhD completed 2017, co-supervised, By-products of UV advanced oxidation
  • Chrissa Sfynia, PhD completed 2018, co-supervised, Minimising regulated and unregulated disinfection by-products in drinking water
  • Wan Norazrina Wan Rusli, PhD completed 2018, Plant-derived biocides for water treatment and other hygienic applications


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