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Senior Lecturer in Developmental Genomics



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                                    SELECTED PUBLICATIONS

  • C. Scopa, S. Barnada, , M.E Cicardi, M. Singer, D. Trotti, and M. Trizzino, 2022. JUN upregulation drives aberrant transposable element mobilization, associated innate immune response, and impaired neurogenesis in Alzheimer disease. Biorxiv doi:
  • S. Patoori, S. Barnada, , Christopher Large, John I. Murray, and M. Trizzino, 2022. Young transposable elements rewired gene regulatory networks in human and chimpanzee hippocampal intermediate progenitors. Development 149 (19): dev200413.
  • S. Barnada*, A. Isopi*, D. Tejada-Martinez, C. Goubert, S. Patoori, L. Pagliaroli, M. Tracewell, and M. Trizzino, 2022. Genomic features underlie the co-option of SVA transposons as cis-regulatory elements in human pluripotent stem cells.  PLOS Genetics 18(6): e1010225.
  • D. Tejada-Martinez, R. Avelar, I. Lopes, B. Zhang, G. Novoa, GP De Magalhaes and M. Trizzino, 2022. Positive selection and enhancer evolution shaped lifespan and body mass in great apes.  Molecular Biology and Evolution, 39(2): msab369.
  • L. Pagliaroli*, P. Porazzi*, A. Curtis, C. Scopa, H.M.M. Mikkers, C. Freund, L. Daxinger, S. Deliard, S.A. Welsh, C. Ott, B. Calabretta, S. Brugmann, G.W.E. Santen and M. Trizzino, 2021Inability to switch from ARID1A-BAF to ARID1B-BAF impairs exit from pluripotency and commitment towards neural crest differentiation in ARID1B-related neurodevelopmental disorders. Nature Communications, 12(6469): 1–16. 
  • L. Pagliaroli and M. Trizzino, 2021The Evolutionary Conserved SWI/SNF Subunits ARID1A and ARID1B Are Key Modulators of Pluripotency and Cell-Fate DeterminationFrontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology, 9: 643361.
  • M. TrizzinoA. Zucco, S. Deliard, F. Wang, E. Barbieri, F. VegliaD. Gabrilovich, and A. Gardini, 2021. EGR1 is a gatekeeper of inflammatory enhancers in human macrophages. Science Advances, 7(3): eaaz8836.
  • M. Trizzino, E. Barbieri, A. Petracovici, S. Wu, S. Welsh, T. Owens, R. Zhang and A. Gardini, 2018. The tumor suppressor ARID1A controls global transcription via pausing of RNA Polymerase II. Cell Reports, 23: 3933–3945. Recommended by F1000.
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  • S. Wu, N. Fatkhutdinov, T. Fukumoto, B. Bitler, PH Park, A.V. Kossenkov, M. Trizzino, A. Gardini, D.W. Speicher, R. Zhang, 2018. Catalytic subunits switch drives resistance to EZH2 inhibitors in ARID1A-mutated cells.  Nature Communications, 9: 4116.
  • M. Trizzino*, Y. Park*, M. Holsbach-Beltrame, K. Aracena, K. Mika, M. Caliskan G. Perry, V. Lynch and C.D. Brown, 2017.  Transposable elements are the primary source of novelty in primate gene regulation. Genome Research, 27:1623–1633.
  • M. Trizzino, F. Bisi, L. Maiorano, A. Martinoli, M. Petitta, D.G. Preatoni and P. Audisio 2015. Mapping biodiversity hotspots and conservation priorities for the Euro-Mediterranean headwater ecosystems, as inferred from diversity and distribution of a water beetle lineage. Biodiversity and Conservation, 24(1): 149–160.
  • M. Trizzino, M. Jäch, P. Audisio, R. Alonso and I. Ribera, 2013. A molecular phylogeny of the cosmopolitan hyperdiverse genus Hydraena Kugelann (Coleoptera, Hydraenidae). Systematic Entomology, 38: 192–208.
  • M. Trizzino, P. Audisio, G. Antonini, E. Mancini and I. Ribera, 2011. Molecular phylogeny and diversification of the “Haenydra lineage” (Hydraenidae, genus Hydraena), a North-Mediterranean endemic-rich group of rheophilic Coleoptera. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 61: 772–783.
  • Trizzino, P. Audisio, G. Antonini, A. De Biase, E. Mancini, 2009. Comparative analysis of sequence and secondary structure of the rRNA internal transcribed spacer 2 (ITS2) in pollen-beetles of the subfamily Meligethinae (Coleoptera, Nitidulidae): potential use of slippage-derived sequences in molecular systematics. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 51: 215-226.