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Prof. J. P. Martin Trusler

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Chemical Engineering

Professor of Thermophysics



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Date Role


Professor of Thermophysics, Chemical Engineering Department, Imperial College London
1995-2001 Senior Lecturer, Chemical Engineering Department, Imperial College London
1988-1995 Lecturer, Chemical Engineering Department, Imperial College London
1985-1987 Ramsay Memorial Fellow, Chemistry Department, University College London
1984-1985 Lindemann Trust Fellow, National Institute of Standards & Technology, USA
1980-1984 PhD in Physical Chemistry, University College London, Thesis title: “The speed of sound in gases”
1977-1980 BSc with 1st class honours in Chemistry, University College London

Research Interests

My research is aimed at improved fundamental understanding of the thermophysical properties of fluids, especially mixtures, by means of measurement, modelling and theory. A special focus is placed upon systems relevant to carbon dioxide capture, transportation and storage and hydrogen production, transportation and storage processes. Current studies include:

  • Phase behaviour and physical properties of complex mixtures containing carbon dioxide
  • Physical properties of hydrogen and hydrogen-rich mixtures
  • Thermophysical properties of alternative sustainable liquid fuels
  • interfacial tension and wettability of reservoir minerals;
  • physical properties of blended aqueous amine/amino acid solvents for CO2 capture.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Hou S-X, Maitland GC, Trusler JPM, 2013, Measurement and modeling of the phase behavior of the (carbon dioxide + water) mixture at temperatures from 298.15 K to 448.15 K, The Journal of Supercritical Fluids, Vol:73, Pages:87-96

Li X, Boek ES, Maitland GC, et al., 2012, Interfacial Tension of (Brines+CO<sub>2</sub>): CaCl<sub>2</sub>(aq), MgCl<sub>2</sub>(aq), and Na<sub>2</sub>SO<sub>4</sub>(aq) at Temperatures between (343 and 423) K, Pressures between (2 and 50) MPa, and Molalities of (0.5 to 5), Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data, Vol:57, ISSN:0021-9568, Pages:1369-1375

Peleties F, Segovia JJ, Trusler JPM, et al., 2010, Thermodynamic properties and equation of state of liquid di-isodecyl phthalate at temperature between (273 and 423) K and at pressures up to 140 MPa, Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics, Vol:42, ISSN:0021-9614, Pages:631-639

Caudwell DR, Trusler JPM, Vesovic V, et al., 2009, Viscosity and Density of Five Hydrocarbon Liquids at Pressures up to 200 MPa and Temperatures up to 473 K, Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data, Vol:54, ISSN:0021-9568, Pages:359-366

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