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Professor of Thermophysics



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Advanced Chemical Engineering Design Practice Final Year Design - CENG97006


The Design Project has the objective of giving students experience of advanced design practice by carrying out a complex design task in as realistic a way as possible. The desired learning outcomes include producing a comprehensive design in response to an open-ended brief, while working in a large team, under realistic time pressure and on the basis of limited information.

The main aims of the Design Project are to help students:

develop skills in complex design problem-solving including technical, safety, environmental and economic aspects

develop skills in the effective management of work and decision making in large groups

develop skills in the presentation (oral and written) of complex techno-economic results



Separation Processes 1 - CENG40009


The module introduces the principles of diffusional separation processes for simple gas-liquid and liquid-liquid systems. It includes qualitative and quantitative analysis of binary distillation, absorption and stripping of single solutes between immiscible gas and liquid phases, and liquid-liquid extraction between immiscible phases. Brief consideration is given to the economic viability of separation processes. 


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