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Dr Marcela P. Vizcaychipi

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Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer



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Dr Marcela P. Vizcaychipi (MPV) is Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer in Anaesthesia and Critical Care at Imperial College and is a Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine based at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital.

Dr Vizcaychipi received her medical degree from North East University (UNNE), Argentina in 1994 and at the University Complutense, Madrid, Spain in 1995. then undertook her postgraduate medical training across Corrientes and Buenos Aires counties with an additional training at the Shock Trauma Centre, University of Maryland, USA.  She completed her doctoral thesis on prevention of thromboembolic events in critical care in 1997 at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA).  She joined the Imperial School of Anaesthesia in 2001 and was awarded the Fellowship of the Royal College of Anaesthetists in 2005. She returned to USA to complete a scholarship on neuroscience at Stanford University in 2008.  Returning to Imperial College in 2009 to obtain her research doctorate examining the preventive cellular mechanisms of memory decline after surgery.

 Having obtained a dual CCST in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine she was recipient of multiple prestigious grants and since then she spent time setting up the clinical research foundations at Chelsea & Westminster Campus, Imperial College London. During the first years of her NHS appointment she established the Perioperative Research into Memory Group (PRiME) and she also worked as Research & Development Lead for Surgery, Critical Care and Anaesthesia at Chelsea & Westminster NHS Foundation Trust since 2015.

 Dr Vizcaychipi is an Academic member of Surgery & Cancer Division at Imperial College since 2009, she was awarded Researcher of the Year in 2013 and she was finalist in the NHS Digital Pioneer Award in 2017. 

Dr Vizcaychipi is the Deputy Chief Clinical Information Officer (DCCIO), Clinical Safety Officer (CSO) for the Chelsea & Westminster NHS Foundation Trust since 2021.  In 2022, Dr Vizcaychipi was appointed Northwest London Clinical Research Network (NWL CRN) Lead for Anaesthetics, Perioperative Care & Pain Medicine.

Dr Vizcaychipi is the Chief Investigator for multicentre studies adopted by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and she has developed a clinical decision support tool with the informatics team at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital. Dr Vizcaychipi investigated early management and risk stratification of patients admitted to hospital with COVID-19 infection.

Her research is focused on clinical trials and innovative translational studies in Anaesthesia, Perioperative Care, Pain and Intensive Care Medicine with the aim to introduce preventative strategies to improve patients care. 

As a clinical scientist undertaking translational research studies Dr Vizcaychipi's major area of interest is real time integrative medical care.

Dr Vizcaychipi the Chief Investigator for the multi-centre double-blind randomised controlled clinical trial of artificial intelligence used to liberate patients from invasive mechanical ventilation (iCareWean) which is currently on the analysis phase.

Other studies Dr Vizcaychipi had led are the following:

1. Clinical trial using artificial intelligence to detect early signs of delirium (ConFuSSed).

2. Using artificial intelligence to predict preventable complications in COVID-19 (TraCe-Tic).

3. Development of an AI algorithm (SYNE-OPS-1) for coronavirus (COVID-19) built in SENSE engine (SensyneHealth) and fully approved by the MHRA which is now integrated to the Chelsea & Westminster NHS Foundation Trust data warehouse.

Dr Vizcaychipi led numerous observational studies aiming to better understand the physiological response to stress and neurocognitive adaptative mechanisms. 

Dr Vizcaychipi has been the Principal Investigator for two multi-centre trials examining perioperative risks of thromboembolic and bleeding disorders in the perioperative of major surgeries (POISE-3) and also measures complications, mortality and patients reported outcome from major non-cardiac surgery  (PQIP).

Dr Vizcaychipi s the local Co- Principal Investigator for the Genetics of susceptibility and mortality in critical care (GenoMICC).

Dr Vizcaychipi teaches and mentors undergraduates at the Faculty of Medicine at Imperial College London, and hosts students for the LKCMedicine Elective Programme at Imperial and supervises students from University of Rochester, USA, and BSc students from the University of Nicosia, Cyprus amongst national and international ad hoc visiting students.

Dr Vizcaychipi continues to supervise PhD students and Academic Foundation Doctors in collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Brain Science and Wound Healing and Regeneration Network.



Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Vizcaychipi MP, Watts HR, O'Dea KP, et al., 2014, The Therapeutic Potential of Atorvastatin in a Mouse Model of Postoperative Cognitive Decline, Annals of Surgery, Vol:259, ISSN:0003-4932, Pages:1235-1244

Vizcaychipi MP, Xu L, Barreto GE, et al., 2011, Heat Shock Protein 72 Overexpression Prevents Early Postoperative Memory Decline after Orthopedic Surgery under General Anesthesia in Mice, Anesthesiology, Vol:114, ISSN:0003-3022, Pages:891-900

Pac-Soo C, Lloyd DG, Vizcaychipi MP, et al., 2011, Statins: The Role in the Treatment and Prevention of Alzheimer's Neurodegeneration, Journal of Alzheimers Disease, Vol:27, ISSN:1387-2877, Pages:1-10


Vizcaychipi MP, Alce T, Page V, 2014, Delirium, Oh’s Intensive Care Manual, Editor(s): Soni, Bersten,, Elseiver, ISBN:9780702047626

Thesis Dissertations

Vizcaychipi MP, 2012, Identifying the preventive cellular mechanisms of memory decline after surgery

More Publications