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Maitreyee Wairagkar is Postdoc Research Associate in affective robotics in the Biomechatronics lab, Department of Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London and in the Care Research and Technology Centre at the UK Dementia Research Institute. She received PhD degree in Cybernetics focusing on Brain Computer Interface for movement prediction, and MEng degree in AI and Cybernetics, both from the University of Reading, UK. Previously, she was Research Assistant in neuro-rehab technology for brain injury, and movement modelling with wearables for Parkinson's disease (SPHERE) at the University of Reading and University of Southampton. Maitreyee was also venture lead in MedTech SuperConnectorâ„¢ Accelerator where she led the development of social robot BrainBot for mental health.

Her multidisciplinary research is focused on breaking barriers between humans and technology by developing intuitive modes of interaction using brain signals, movement, and natural language. She is developing brain-computer interfaces, social robots and healthcare technologies using AI and machine learning, signal processing, affective computing, natural language processing, computational neuroscience and time series modelling for physiological and inertial sensor data. Her research has resulted in applications for neurorehabilitation and assistive technology for people with dementia, stroke, brain injury and Parkinson's disease. 

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