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Morgan O. Wascko

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I am now at the University of Oxford. Please visit my webpage there.

I describe my research in the vibrant field of neutrino physics in my inaugural lecture. Neutrino physics is one of the branches of high energy particle physics, and I study neutrino flavour oscillation: how and why do neutrinos change as they propagate through space?

my research word cloudFrom 2021 to 2023 I was the UK Principal Investigator for the DUNE experiment, which is being built in the USA at Fermilab (IL) and SURF (SD). I formerly led the T2K long baseline accelerator neutrino experiment in Japan as International Co-Spokesperson. I founded and led the SciBooNE collaboration at Fermilab as co-Spokesperson. My recent research focus has been the development of new neutrino detector technologies and the advanced data analysis techniques these detectors deserve. I am working to build the DUNE liquid argon far detectors, which will be the largest cryogenic devices ever built. I am also working to build the high-pressure gas time-projection chamber for the DUNE Phase-2 near detector (ND-GAr) which will help understand neutrino-nucleus interactions with unprecedented precision. I am exploring new data analysis methods that will be best able to make use of the more precise information collected by ND-GAr.

For more information about T2K, please enjoy this video about the T2K collaboration or this one about the J-PARC laboratory.

I formerly chaired the Physics Department Juno Committee, which is working to improve diversity, inclusion, and equity in the Physics Department.

I taught  Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics to third year students. For most undergrads, this is the first time they study the Weak and Strong nuclear forces, which are two of the four fundamental forces of Nature.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

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Wascko M, 2018, T2K status, results, and plans

Wascko MO, 2009, EXPERIMENTAL MEASUREMENTS OF NEUTRINO CROSS-SECTIONS NEAR 1 GEV, 45th Winter School in Theoretical Physics on Neutrino Interactions - From Theory to Monte Carlo Simulations, JAGIELLONIAN UNIV PRESS, Pages:2421-2444, ISSN:0587-4254


SciBooNE Collaboration, 2006, Fermilab Proposal 954, Bringing the SciBar detector to the Booster Neutrino Beam, arXiv:hep-ex/0601022v1

More Publications