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Dr Mino Woo is a Research Associate in the Centre for Transport Studies and the Transport & Environment Laboratory.

Mino is currently involved in the Air.Car project aiming to predict a real-time NOx emissions from real-world driving conditions for a wide range of diesel vehicles. His research is focused on developing a instantaneous vehicle NOx emissions by Artificial Neural Network (ANN), that is one of the machine learning techniques. Findings from this project will contribute to real-time emissions monitoring, with applications in urban air quality management, enhanced driver training and pay-as-you-pollute charging. The emissions models will also be coupled to traffic simulation software to evaluate the effect of different driving behaviours on network-level road transport emissions.

Mino has expertise in numerical modelling and simulation of reacting flow especially for the catalytic reactions such as diesel after-treatment system. Previously, he worked at KWEnC in Korea where he developed a number of computer codes for after-treatment system (DOC, LNT, SCR and TWC) within several industrial projects.



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Woo M, Maier L, Tischer S, et al., 2020, A Qualitative Numerical Study on Catalytic Hydrogenation of Nitrobenzene in Gas-Liquid Taylor Flow with Detailed Reaction Mechanism, Fluids, Vol:5, Pages:234-234

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