Imperial College London

Marco Da Re

Faculty of EngineeringDyson School of Design Engineering

Research Assistant







Dyson BuildingSouth Kensington Campus





Marco is a design engineer within the Wellbeing Technologies Lab at Imperial College London. Having a background in strategic communication, design, and filmmaking, Marco takes a transdisciplinary and cross-cultural approach to his work. Over the past two years, his projects have focused on tackling wicked problems, with a specific emphasis on supporting human motivation and well-being in contexts of crisis.

Marco is currently conducting research on the design and development of an mHealth diagnostic system for dementia and co-morbidities in rural Peru. 


Marco obtained a MA/MSc in Global Innovation Design from Royal College of Art and Imperial College London. Prior to this, he gained experience in the design and advertising industry, where he led comprehensive design projects with a focus on human-centred methods in cross-functional teams for various global brands. In 2021, he co-founded an advertising agency that specializes in promoting social impact.

He is presently showcasing his work at the Italy: A New Collective Landscape exhibit in Hong Kong and Milan. He has been recognized as one of Italy's top 100 emerging contemporary designers and was awarded for his art and exhibition at the Giardini Biennale pavilions during the 2021 Venice Biennale. Additionally, he is a finalist for the Interaction Design Award 2023.


'Alta Quanto' (2023) is an investigation into how to design communication to prepare flood-prone communities for unexpected disasters. Specifically, 'Alta Quanto' is a co-designed digital product to prepare Venetian for exceptionally high tides.