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My expertise lies in process modelling, optimisation and control of biological and biopharmaceutical manufacturing systems in a first attempt to apply Industry 4.0 principles. 

I am currently working on the development of novel computational tools to address challenges in the design and optimisation of production and supply chain models in personalised healthcare, specifically in adaptive cell cancer immunotherapies (CAR T-cells). 

Previously, I have worked on the design and development of advanced control strategies to enable the application of continuous processing in monoclonal antibody production. In addition, I have developed a first-principles, mathematical model to study the dynamics of the immune system both during an immune response and in homeostasis. 


Date Role

PostDoctoral Research Associate, Centre for Process Systems Engineering, Imperial College London,

London, UK


PhD in Chemical Engineering, Centre for Process Systems Engineering, Imperial College London,

London, UK


MSc in Advanced Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London, London, UK


6-month Diploma Thesis [ERASMUS Program], “Impact of High Pressure Treatment on the Available Glucose Content of Various Starch Types”, Technical University of Berlin,

Berlin, Germany


5-year Chemical Engineering Diploma, National Technical University of Athens, Athens, Greece

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Papathanasiou MM, Steinebach F, Morbidelli M, et al., 2017, Intelligent, model-based control towards the intensification of downstream processes, Computers & Chemical Engineering, Vol:105, ISSN:0098-1354, Pages:173-184

Papathanasiou MM, Quiroga-Campano AL, Steinebach F, et al., 2017, Advanced Model-Based Control Strategies for the Intensification of Upstream and Downstream Processing in mAb Production, Biotechnology Progress, Vol:33, ISSN:8756-7938, Pages:966-988

Papathanasiou MM, Avraamidou S, Oberdieck R, et al., 2016, Advanced control strategies for the multicolumn countercurrent solvent gradient purification process, AICHE Journal, ISSN:0001-1541

Papathanasiou MM, Reineke K, Gogou E, et al., 2015, Impact of high pressure treatment on the available glucose content of various starch types: A case study on wheat, tapioca, potato, corn, waxy corn and resistant starch (RS3), Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies, Vol:30, ISSN:1466-8564, Pages:24-30

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