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Dr Marios Christou became a member of academic staff in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Imperial College in 2012. He achieved a first class honours in his undergraduate MEng degree in Civil Engineering at Imperial College, during which he spent his final year abroad at École Nationale des Ponts et Chausées, Paris. He then returned to Imperial College to undertake his PhD within the Fluid Mechanics section on the topic of fully nonlinear waves and wave-structure interaction, under the supervision of Professor Chris Swan.

After completing his PhD, Dr Christou worked for almost 5 years as a Metocean & Offshore Structures Engineer at Shell in The Netherlands. This involved undertaking research as part of the working group member of several joint industry projects, which included analysing field measurements of raw wave data, examining limiting shallow water waves and the evolution of the wave spectrum as well as modelling infragravity waves. In terms of engineering design, Dr Christou was involved in setting Metocean design criteria, examining side-by-side and tandem offloading between a Floating LNG vessel and an LNG carrier and performing global motion, mooring & riser analysis for floating offshore structures. During this time, he also supervised several MSc research projects on a variety of topics.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Karmpadakis I, Swan C, Christou M, 2022, A new wave height distribution for intermediate and shallow water depths, Coastal Engineering, Vol:175, ISSN:0378-3839, Pages:1-15

Craciunescu C, Christou M, 2020, Wave breaking energy dissipation in long-crested focused wave groups based on JONSWAP spectra, Applied Ocean Research, Vol:99, ISSN:0141-1187

Craciunescu CC, Christou M, 2020, On the calculation of wavenumber from measured time traces, Applied Ocean Research, Vol:98, ISSN:0141-1187, Pages:1-16

Karmpadakis I, Swan C, Christou M, 2020, Assessment of wave height distributions using an extensive field database, Coastal Engineering, Vol:157, ISSN:0378-3839, Pages:1-15

Eichentopf S, Alsina J, Christou M, et al., 2020, Storm sequencing and beach profile variability at Hasaki, Japan, Marine Geology, ISSN:0025-3227

Karmpadakis I, Swan C, Christou M, 2019, Laboratory investigation of crest height statistics in intermediate water depths, Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical & Engineering Sciences, Vol:475, ISSN:1364-5021, Pages:1-24

Christou M, Ewans K, 2014, Field Measurements of Rogue Water Waves, Journal of Physical Oceanography, Vol:44, ISSN:0022-3670, Pages:2317-2335

More Publications