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Dr Mark Richards FCGI has a BSc in Chemistry (Manchester) and a PhD in Physics from Imperial College London.  His research centred on the spectroscopic study of nitric acid vapour for atmospheric remote sensing retrievals. After working in finance for a while, Mark returned to Imperial in 2002 as a Post Doctoral Researcher within the High Energy Physics Group to manage a Technology Transfer program. He has since co-founded Duvas Technologies, an Imperial spin-out - specialising in wireless air sensing networks for real-time pollution mapping. Currently, Mark is Deputy Admissions Tutor, and Principle Investigator for the Strengthening Learning Communities Project.

Mark is also an active member of Imperial As One - the Universities' Race Equality Advisory Group, and has been involved in numerous widening participation and outreach programs that aim to encourage more students from diverse backgrounds to pursue science and engineering as career choices. In 2019 Mark was formally elected a Fellow of the City & Guilds Institute of London (FCGI) in recognition of ‘unwavering support to education and training of young people’ and in 2022 he received the Presidents Award for Excellence  in Culture and Community.

As a student, Mark spent most of his spare time spinning records as DJ Kemist and more recently founded an independent label that provides a remixing service to the music industry. 

'' love to experiment with sound waves (Dj & remixing) in much the same way as I enjoy research into the behaviour of light waves (spectroscopy), both can stimulate the mind and provide a deeper insight into our physical world but from very different perspectives.''

Mark Richards

Commercial activity

Co-founder  and Director of Duvas Technologies


Head of physics outreach


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