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Dr Mark H W Workman

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Dr Mark Workman is a Visiting Lecturer at Energy Futures Lab; an Affiliate Researcher at the Grantham Institute for Climate Change; and the Environment and Research Fellow at the Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College, London. 

He is developing whole system analysis expertise around strategic issues: specifically source and sink resources, energy transitions, environmental and climate change, and conflict.  He is also focusing on the processes of decision making under uncertainty and science communication around climate change.



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Daruwala A, Workman M, Hardy J, 2022, Identifying and unlocking the value from heat decarbonisation in the United Kingdom, Energy Research and Social Science, Vol:89, ISSN:2214-6296, Pages:1-12

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Liu L, Workman M, Hayes S, 2022, Net Zero and the potential of consumer data-United Kingdom energy sector case study: The need for cross-sectoral best data practice principles, Energy Policy, Vol:163, ISSN:0301-4215

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