Imperial College London

Dr Mark H W Workman

Faculty of Engineering




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Energy Futures LabElectrical EngineeringSouth Kensington Campus




Whole system analysis expertise around strategic issues: resources, energy transitions, environmental and climate change, and conflict

He has research experience on oceanography; undertaken military operational tours and extreme and high risk expeditions all over the world, and worked in West Africa and Emerging Asia running a multi-million dollar business unit of a global medical services and security company.

He is developing whole system analysis expertise around the following topics: resource systems, energy transitions, environmental and climate change, and violent conflict.   He is also focusing on the processes of decision making under uncertainty and science communication around climate change.


His experience includes:

  • Working across audiences in policy making, industry and academia seeking to develop policy and practitioner relevant research outputs.
  • Well-grounded understanding of issues around earth process, environmental resource issues, climate change, energy systems, international relations and violent conflict based on research carried out with world renowned academic institutions.
  • Leadership and organisational experience - especially with small, autonomous, specialist teams to implement strategic level initiatives for high impact in global organisations. Two military awards for leadership.
  • Programme management experience for complex, remote site activities in polar, desert, jungle, commercial, military and academic arenas; regions operated include Europe, N. America, Arctic and Antarctic Circle, Middle East, West Africa and S.E. Asia.
  • Advisor to a number of commercial organisations on future trends and strategy development.

 Present activities include:

  • Established a network of academic-policy and industry practitioners around Decision Making under Uncertainty focusing on the decision maker facilitating sharing best practice and capacity development;
  • Negative emissions technologies research with a specific focus on high level techno-economic assessment and the policy architecture required to integrate them within existing climate policy;
  • Working on understanding the effect of plausible future UK energy system development on the suite of innovative business model archetypes that vertically integrated actors may adopt to respond to emerging risks and the effect on innovation required in the future UK energy system.