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Matt is an interdisciplinary doctoral researcher looking at food systems. Specifically, he employs quantitative and qualitative approaches to understand transformations to sustainable UK food systems.

Here, his research focuses on two perspectives and scales of transformation. The first, through agent-based modelling of UK dietary change, looks at individual micro-level behaviour of food 'choice'. The second, through the application of degrowth principles, takes a macro, structural and systemic perspective to widen the analytical and narrative lens underpinning mainstream UK food system futures.

In addition to this core research, Matt has interests across environmental justice, food sovereignty, post-capitalism, community, corporate capture, more-than-human worlds, and power. He has an undergraduate degree in Physics, an MSc in Sustainable Energy Futures, and has held a number of sustainability related industry roles.

Research Interests:

Food systems | Degrowth | Agent-based modelling



Gibson M, Pereira JP, Slade R, et al., 2022, Agent-based modelling of future dairy and plant-based milk consumption for UK climate targets, Jasss-the Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, Vol:25, ISSN:1460-7425

Gibson M, Slade R, Pereira JP, et al., 2021, Comparing mechanisms of food choice in an agent-based model of milk consumption and substitution in the UK, Jasss-the Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, Vol:24, ISSN:1460-7425

Gibson MF, Rao ND, Slade RB, et al., 2020, The role of energy in mitigating grain storage losses in India and the impact for nutrition, Resources, Conservation and Recycling, Vol:163, ISSN:0921-3449

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