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Professor Mengxing Tang joined the Department of Bioengineering, Imperial College as a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in 2006 and became a Senior Lecturer in 2011, a Reader in 2015 and a Professor in 2018. Before moving to London, he was a Departmental Lecturer in the Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford. Dr Tang leads the Ultrasound Laboratory for Imaging and Sensing (ULIS). His current research mainly focuses on developing new imaging techniques of ultrahigh temporal resolution (up to tens of thousands of frames per second) and spatial resolution (down to tens of microns at multi-centimeter depth) using ultrasound and signal processing, as well as new image analysis techniques, for quantifying physiological flow, tissue perfusion, tissue mechanical properties and molecular information in cancer, cardiovascular and neurological diseases.

Mengxing’s research publications can be found at the tab above, or on Google Scholar

A PhD studentship is available immediately to work on microbubble contrast enhanced ultrasound imaging, in collaboration with GE Healthcare (  Please contact Dr Mengxing Tang ( for further details.

The group is constantly looking for talented project students, PhD candidates and postdoc researchers. Please see opportunities in the group.

Imperial College also has a number of competitive PhD scholarships open to all candidates. Please contact Dr Mengxing Tang ( if you are interested.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

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