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Dr Miao Guo is a EPSRC Research Fellow hosted at CPSE, Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London. She has a multi-disciplinary background, holds a PhD from Department of Life Sciences Imperial College London and a BSc from Renmin University of China. Her transition from Natural Sciences to Chemical Engineering has led to a unique academic path at the engineering-science interface. Her research interests include whole systems modelling and optimization, process-based agro-ecosystem modelling of food/non-food biomass and the environmental modelling of the biomaterials/biofuel/bioenergy from renewable resources. Her EPSRC Fellowship research focuses on developing an open-source biorenewable system model from user-perspectives and providing insights into sustainable design of the future biorenewable systems, which best adapt to and mitigate future changes, contribute to UK sustainability and resilience agenda and support UK bioeconomy evolution. 



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