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Miao Guo is currently a Lecturer at Department of Engineering, King's College London.

Miao Guo currently holds a membership of the EPSRC Early Career Forum in Manufacturing Research, and is a honorary lecturer at Imperial College London.

Prior to moving to King's College London in Nov 2019, Miao Guo was an EPSRC Research Fellow hosted at Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London.In collaboration with international academics and industrial pioneers, Miao has been leading the frontier research to couple new modelling approaches with lab experiments to optimise resource-circular bio-renewable manufacturing.  Her research interests include -

  • Mathematical modelling and biorenewable system optimisation
  • Biorenewable process simulation and optimisation
  • Technology development for bio-waste recovery
  • Bio-manufacturing and supply chains
  • Life cycle sustainability assessment

To uncover our latest research, please visit our group website and our video stream on YouTube 



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