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I joined Imperial in 2021 as a senior teaching fellow with a research focus on physics education as part of the Imperial Physics Education Group. Physics Education Research (PER) is an interdisciplinary field with the broad goal of improving our collective understanding of how people learn physics and, consequently, improve the way physics is taught.

I am part of the Strengthening Learning Communities project, which aims to better understand the student experience within the Department of Physics and the Faculty of Natural Sciences. I am interested in understanding how different types of summative assessments affect student outcomes and evaluating to what extent this introduces bias in the attainment of different demographic groups.

I am interested in hearing from Imperial physics students about their experiences studying in the department, and I am more than happy to support student research projects looking at various aspects of teaching and learning physics. If you would like to talk to me please email me (see link on the left) or you can make an appointment to meet with me (via Teams or in person).

Before Imperial

During my doctorate, I was a College Lecturer for 3 years teaching Electromagnetism and Optics. After which, I completed my teacher training in south east London, then I spent 2 years at the University of Colorado Boulder PER group working with Heather Lewandowski on: quantum education and workforce development; developing an assessment for modelling in undergraduate labs; and understanding the impact of emergency remote lab instruction during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Other research

My DPhil work with Alex Schekochihin and Anthony Field was at the boundary between theoretical and experimental plasma physics. I studied the role of differential flow shear in rapidly rotating tokamak plasmas on the suppression of turbulence and radial heat transport. While, in my Master's project I looked at the motion of stars in various gravitational potentials corresponding to different galaxy structures.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Borish V, Werth A, Sulaiman N, et al., 2022, Undergraduate student experiences in remote lab courses during the COVID-19 pandemic, Physical Review Physics Education Research, Vol:18, ISSN:2469-9896

Hoehn JR, Fox MFJ, Werth A, et al., 2021, Remote advanced lab course: A case study analysis of open-ended projects, Physical Review Physics Education Research, Vol:17, ISSN:2469-9896

Fox MFJ, Hoehn JR, Werth A, et al., 2021, Lab instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic: Effects on student views about experimental physics in comparison with previous years, Physical Review Physics Education Research, Vol:17, ISSN:2469-9896

Fox MFJ, Zwickl BM, Lewandowski HJ, 2020, Preparing for the quantum revolution: What is the role of higher education?, Physical Review Physics Education Research, Vol:16, ISSN:2469-9896

More Publications