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Senior Teaching Fellow



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M. Weatherburn, 'The History of "Taylorism": Generational Conflict, External Shocks and Contested Terrain' (Academy of Management, 2021) here

M. Pryce and M. Weatherburn, 'Future Tech and Historic Data' (ISMOR, 2021) here

M. Weatherburn and M. Cox-Smith, 'Back to the future: Unilever's vision of 1984' (Project Hindsight, 2020), online here

M. Weatherburn, 'Memory decay: a pilot investigation into data loss and its impact' (Project Hindsight, 2020), online here

M. Weatherburn, 'Human Relations’ invented traditions: Sociotechnical research and worker motivation at the interwar Rowntree Cocoa Works' Human Relations (May 2019) online here

M. Weatherburn, The Real Future Shock: Analogue Thinking and Working (Future of Work series, 2018), online here

M. Weatherburn 'The Future of Skills' in UK Combat Air - the Next Generation (Low Cost by Design, 2018), online here

M. Weatherburn, Don't Believe The Hype: Work, Robots, History (Resolution Foundation, 2017) online here.