Imperial College London

Dr Miriam R. Aczel

Faculty of Natural SciencesCentre for Environmental Policy

Honorary Research Associate



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16 Prince's GardensSouth Kensington Campus




MSc Thesis Co-Supervision

Lissia, R. (2018). The role of Strategic Narratives for the development of UK clean tech startups. (co-supervised with Karen Makuch & Mark Workman)

Battersby, F. (2019) Investigating potential governance frameworks for greenhouse gas removal in the United Kingdom. (co-supervised with Karen Makuch & Mark Workman)

Cao, D. (2019). Environmental protection in China: An exploration into the role of citizen science. (co-supervised with Karen Makuch & Mark Workman)

Fung, N. (2019). BECSS & Land Use Trade-offs: Closing the Gaps from Policy & Legal Frameworks. (co-supervised with Karen Makuch & Mark Workman)

Mallett, A. (2019). A Scenario-Based Exploration into Barriers Preventing the Scale up of Negative Emissions Technologies in the UK: An Insight into Intergenerational Social Legitimacy. (co-supervised with Karen Makuch & Mark Workman)                                                                   

O’Beirne, P. (2019). What socio-legal aspects of GGR as outlined by the CCC net zero report (2019) ought to be considered and why? (co-supervised with Karen Makuch & Mark Workman)                        

Ramon Guillena, A. (2020, expected). BECCS considerations and U.K. agricultural policy. (co-supervised with Karen Makuch)                                

Rumin, S. (2020, expected). Development of an impact forecasting tool for start-ups focusing on sustainable packaging (collaboration with Envsight; co-supervised with Karen Makuch, Zen Makuch & Mark Workman).