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Dr Mitchell Chen

Faculty of MedicineDepartment of Surgery & Cancer

Clinical Lecturer



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I am an NIHR Clinical Lecturer in Radiology at Imperial and a Cardiothoracic Radiology Fellow at the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. My research interests include lung cancer radiomics, new imaging biomarkers in immuno-oncology, and deep learning in chest and cardiac imaging. 

Prior to joining Imperial, I was an Academic Clinical Fellow in Oxford where I researched on applying hyperpolarised xenon MRI to a range of functional lung imaging applications. During this appointment, I have completed my core specialty training in clinical radiology and attained my FRCR.

I qualified in medicine from the University of Oxford, where I have also obtained an undergraduate degree in Engineering Science and a DPhil in Computer Vision. 

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Chen M, Lu H, Copley SJ, et al., 2023, A novel radiogenomics biomarker for predicting treatment response and pneumotoxicity from programmed cell death protein or ligand-1 inhibition immunotherapy in NSCLC, Journal of Thoracic Oncology, Vol:18, ISSN:1556-0864, Pages:718-730

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Chen M, D'Costa H, 2022, Radiation dose in barium swallow examinations: an Oxford tertiary care centre experience, Clinical Radiology, Vol:77, ISSN:0009-9260, Pages:535-540

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More Publications