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Research Overview

My research is drawn toward understanding the link between the dynamic human-environment relationship, developing statistical models that capture interdependences among data. In particular, I focus on integrating theory with statistical methods and geospatial computational tools  for analysing environmental, climatic, epidemiological and ecological data, disentangling the effects of complex environmental exposures on human health, and studying their implications.

Methodologically, my research focuses on spatial and spatio-temporal statistics, time-series analysis, dimension reduction and methods for the integration of multi-scale sources of data. I am also interested in Bayesian hierarchical modelling approaches, and in the exploitation of hierarchical modelling ideas into Bayesian nonparametric statistics.


- Leader of the module Advanced analytics as part of the MSc Health Data Analytics and Machine Learning.

- Co-leader of the module Bayesian reasoning and methods for spatio-temporal data as part of the MSc Epidemiology. 


I received my PhD in Environmental Studies from King’s College London (2016), working on Bayesian statistical modelling for temporal and spatio-temporal airborne particles. I obtained a BSc and MSc in Biostatistics and Experimental Statistics from the University of Milan-Bicocca (2009) with a thesis on spatial statistics, and a MSc in Epidemiology from the Catholic University of Rome (2004). Before that, I received a degree in Political Science (curriculum Sociology) and a post-degree Specialization in Sociology of Health from the University of Bologna (2001).

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

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