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I am at postdoc ("project researcher") at Kavli IPMU, working in algebraic geometry, representation theory and mathematical physics. I'm particularly interested in the representation-theoretic and combinatorial structures that underlie the geometry of moduli spaces of sheaves.  

I spent the period from 2018 to Spring 2022 at Imperial College as both a research associate and NSF postdoctoral fellow, where my supervising scientist was Richard Thomas.

I received my PhD in 2018 from Columbia University, where my thesis advisor was Andrei Okounkov. 



Arbesfeld N, 2021, K-theoretic Donaldson–Thomas theory and the Hilbert scheme of points on a surface, Algebraic Geometry, Pages:587-625

Arbesfeld N, Johnson D, Lim W, et al., 2021, The virtual K-theory of Quot schemes of surfaces, Journal of Geometry and Physics, Vol:164, ISSN:0393-0440, Pages:1-36

Arbesfeld N, Enriquez B, 2015, ON A LOWER CENTRAL SERIES FILTRATION OF THE GROTHENDIECK-TEICHMULLER LIE ALGEBRA grt(1), Moscow Mathematical Journal, Vol:15, ISSN:1609-3321, Pages:205-256

Arbesfeld N, 2013, Partial permutations avoiding pairs of patterns, Discrete Mathematics, Vol:313, ISSN:0012-365X, Pages:2614-2625

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