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MrNana AsanteAsamoah-Danso

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Bioengineering

Core Facility Technician



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Nana Asante is a full-time Bioengineering Support Technician in the Department of Bioengineering at Imperial College London, he is currently undertaking a 14-month full-time secondment as a Bioengineering Core Facilities Laboratory Technician where he leads and oversees the Genomics, Microbiology and Histology facilities and management systems. In March 2021, he completed a 3-month Teaching Technician secondment, in which he supported the teaching of laboratory skills and techniques for the Molecular Bioengineering course modules.

In spring/summer 2020, he served as a volunteer in the NHS COVID-19 Face-shield assembly project at the Imperial College Translation & Innovation Hub and exceeded the production target of 50,000 face-shields for the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. He previously worked as a Laboratory Technician in the National Heart and Lung Institute at Imperial College where he accomplished a range of technical support for the research undertaken within the Myocardial Function Division, supporting several teams spread across three floors.

In September 2020, he received a Bioengineering COVID-19 awardand shared the Bioengineering COVID-19 Technical Team award for his efforts in the department.

During his BSc (Biochemistry, honours) research project at the University of Westminster he studied wild-type Trichomonas vaginalis DNA ligase binding activity to understand its oligomerisation state (monomer or a dimer) in the presence of a blunt-ended double-stranded DNA substrate. He achieved synthesis and purification of recombinant T. vaginalis DNA ligase and developed a novel native gel shift assay to determine the oligomerisation states of the DNA ligase and a wild-type Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus 1 DNA ligase. 

As a dedicated Bioengineering Support Technician at Imperial College he provides direct research support for the Synthetic Biology laboratories, leads the management of the Histology facility and the departmental lab coat laundry services, and assists other departmental technicians, researchers, and students in their laboratory research activities. His duties and responsibilities include:

Synthetic Biology 

  • Inducting new scientists and students into the research centre;
  • Overseeing the organisation of laboratory equipment;
  • Generating iProcurement purchase orders for laboratory items;
  • Autoclaving chemical solutions, laboratory equipment, and biohazardous waste;
  • Preparing 1x TAE electrophoresis buffer;
  • Achieving high-standards of laboratory housekeeping, updating the Synthetic Biology chemical inventory, and maintaining an efficient stock of laboratory supplies and PPE;
  • Recycling empty chemical bottles and micropipette racks, arranging hazardous chemical waste collections, and laboratory equipment disposal.

Core facilities and department

  • Inducting new scientists and students into the Histology facility;
  • Managing the departmental laboratory coat laundry services;
  • Renewing core facility service contracts, and scheduling contractor visits to install, service and repair laboratory equipment;
  • Maintaining departmental water purification machines; 
  • Updating laboratory safety signage and assisting with core facility webpages;
  • Supporting technical colleagues with laboratory infrastructure projects and equipment transfers.

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