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Nicoletta is the manager of the Centre of Excellence for Advanced Therapeutics and a Knowledge Exchange Practitioner within London Advanced Therapies.

At Imperial, she is responsible for the operational functioning of the Centre, through organising and coordinating appropriate fora for facilitating interactions, communications and collaborations among its multidiscipline investigators. Nicoletta has mapped the College's ATMP (Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal Product) capability and is the centralised contact for enquiries in gene and cell therapy or other advanced-therapy-relating research.

At London Advanced Therapies (LAT), Nicoletta is responsible for knowledge exchange in the field by linking Imperial into London's ATMP map and for enabling collaborations between LAT's academic partners (Imperial, UCL and King's) and across with the life sciences sector and/or investors.

Previously, Nicoletta trained as a molecular vascular biologist with a PhD from Imperial's National Heart and Lung Institute, followed by postdoctoral work at University College London and St George’s, University of London.



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