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Dr James Birtrley, UCB Pharma, Studies on OPCML

Prof Ray Owens, Oxford University, Studies on LMTK3

Professor George Giamas, University of Sussex, Studies of LMTK3

Professor Ramon Villar, Imperial College London

Dr Suzanne Williams, Natural History Museum

Professor Benny Chain, University College London

Professor B Sellergren, Malmo University

European Space Agency

Professor Petra Fromme, Arizona university, Crystallization of membrane proteins

Despoina Mavridou, Imperial College London

Prof Magdi Yacoub, Imperial College London

Prof M McClure, Imperial College London

Prof M Shaffer, Imperial College London

Prof S Kazarian, Imperial College London

Members of IDI, Harvard Medical School

Prof T Boggon, Yale School of Medicine

Dr J Gavira, LEC Granada Spain

Prof A. Yonath, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot

Prof R Bill, Aston University

Prof J Erlbacher, Johns Hopkins, USA

Prof R Hilgenfeld group, Luebeck University, Germany

Prof I Mavridis, Institute of Physical Chemistry, Athens, Greece

Prof C Nanev, Institute of Physical Chemistry, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria

Dr Gary Adams, Nottingham University, Diabetes

Prof J. Helliwell, Manchester University

Prof E Garman, Oxford university

Guest Lectures

Invited lecture Nucleation: multiple pathways multiple outcomes, Solvay Institute, Brussels, Belgium, 2022

Invited lecture at Biochemical Society, Biochemical Society, 2019

Keynote lecture at the European Crystallography Conference, European Crystallographic Association, Vienna, 2019

Invited lecture at EMBO course, EMBO, 2019

Invited lecture at British Crystallographic Association meeting, British Crystallographic Association, 2018

Plenary Lecture at International conference MIPs 2018, International, 2018

Invited lecture, FEBS INSTRUCT, FEBS, 2018

Plenary lecture at Italian Crystal Growth Conference, Italian Crystallography Association, Milan, 2017

Lecture at COST, European Commission, Europe, 2017

Invited lecture at Strathclyde University, Strathclyde University, Glasgow, 2017

Invited lecture at Proteins and Antibodies Congress, Oxford Global, Oxford, 2017

Invited lecture at Princeton University, Crystallization Technology Association, Princeton, 2016

Invited lecture at the European Crystallography Meeting, European Crystallographic Association, 2016

Keynote lecture at the International Conference - Crystallization of Biological Macromolecules, International Organisation for Biological Crystallization, International, 2016

Invited lecture at FEBS INSTRUCT Course, FEBS, Czech Republic, 2016

Plenary lecture at European Crystal Growth Conference, Bologna, 2015

Invited lecture at European Crystallography Association, Croatia, 2015

Invited lecture at Asian Crystallographic Association, Kolkata, 2015

Guest lecture, Kings College London, Kings College London, London, 2014

Webinar on Crystallization, Harvard Medical School, SBGRID, Boston, 2014

Keynote lecture at Leeds Centre for Crystallization, 2013

Plenary lecture at EPSRC Directed Assembly Grand Challenge Meeting, Syngenta, UK, 2013

Guest lecture invited by British Embassy, Hebrew University, Centre for Nanotechnology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2012

Opening Key note Lecture at Proteins Annual Meeting, Proteins Annual Meeting, London, 2012

Special Seminar, Harvard Medical School, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA, 2011

Keynote Lecture, Advances in Protein Crystallography Conference, Hamburg, 2011

Keynote lecture, The Dutch Association for Crystal Growth, The Dutch Association for Crystal Growth, 2010

Keynote speaker, Interdisciplinary Transport Phenomena Conference, Interdisciplinary Transport Phenomena Conference, Tuscany, Italy, 2009

Discussion Leader, Gordon Conference, Gordon Conference on thin film and Crystal Growth, USA, 2009

Guest speaker, Yale Medical School, Pharmacolgy Department, Yale, New Haven, USA, 2009

Plenary lecture, International Conference on the Crystallization of Biological Macromolecules, International Organisation for Biological Crystallization, International, 2008

Guest lecture, Columbia University, Columbia University, New York, USA, 2008

Guest speaker, Harvard Medical School, Harvard University, Boston, USA, 2008

Keynote lecture, Protein Crystallography Europe Conference, Amsterdam, 2008

Research Staff

Gamsu Solomon,H







Research Student Supervision

Bin Razmi,A, Crytstallization of Proteins and Complexes

Chai,R, Crystallisation of target proteins

Christen,S, The IgLON family in Ovarian Cancer: Functional characterisation of LSAMP and NEGR1 in comparison with the tumour suppressor OPCML

Kassen,S, Crystallisation of Proteins Related to Therapy

Li,Y, Crystallization of proteins related to therapy

Rai,J, Crystallization of proteins related to therapy

Thepaut,C, Elucidating the role of Lemur tyrosine kinase 3 (LMTK3), a target for cancer therapy.

Wang,B, Protein crystallization studies

Wang,X, Crystallization of Proteins for Facilitating Drug Design

Zanini,E, Studies of the ovarian tumour suppressor protein OPCML with a view to determining its structure and understanding its role in modulating RTK signaling.

Zukowski,E, Overcoming the Protein crystallisation bottleneck by machine learning