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Faculty of MedicineDepartment of Immunology and Inflammation

Clinical Senior Lecturer







Miss Mandy Sale +44 (0)20 3313 4017




4S10CCommonwealth BuildingHammersmith Campus





Our research focuses on understanding the molecular basis of autoimmune conditions in haematology, particularly immune thrombocytopenia (ITP), a condition leading to premature destruction of platelets.
We combine genetic and genomic analysis of individuals with extreme phenotypes, CRISPR-based in vitro functional validation, and parallel ‘omic' approaches to define novel pathways regulating autoimmunity (eg Afzaku B et al Nat Immunol 2017 18:813-823).



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Povoleri GAM, Nova-Lamperti E, Scotta C, et al., 2018, Human retinoic acid-regulated CD161(+) regulatory T cells support wound repair in intestinal mucosa, Nature Immunology, Vol:19, ISSN:1529-2908, Pages:1403-+

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