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I am an ecologist with broad a research interest in plant function traits, nitrogen cycling, biogeography and fire, and currently working with Prof. Iain Colin Prentice (@LabPrentice) in REALM project, also hold an Honorary Research Fellow at the Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.

My main interests are centred on the interactions between plant and environment under optimal consideration to get better mechanistic understanding of the key physical and biological processes within carbon and nitrogen terrestrial cycles.

Within REALM project, I will test a comprehensive approach to the first-principles prediction of a small set of leaf traits, with a view to suggesting a new way to represent these key traits in ecosystem models.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Dong N, Wright IJ, Chen JM, et al., 2022, Rising CO2 and warming reduce global canopy deman for nitrogen, New Phytologist, Vol:235, ISSN:0028-646X, Pages:1692-1700

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More Publications