Imperial College London

Dr Neil Dufton

Faculty of MedicineNational Heart & Lung Institute

Honorary Research Associate



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525W5ICTEM buildingHammersmith Campus




Selected Publications

Dynamic regulation of canonical TGFβ signalling by endothelial transcription factor ERG protects from liver fibrogenesis. Nat Commun. 2017

Dufton NP, Peghaire CR, Osuna-Almagro L, Raimondi C, Kalna V, Chuahan A, Webb G, Yang Y, Birdsey GM, Lalor P, Mason JC, Adams DH, Randi AM.


Endothelial Dimethylarginine Dimethylaminohydrolase 1 Is an Important Regulator of Angiogenesis but Does Not Regulate Vascular Reactivity or Hemodynamic Homeostasis. J. Circulation 2015

Dowsett L , Piper S , Slaviero A , Dufton N , Wang Z , Boruc O , Delahaye M , Colman L , Kalk E , Tomlinson J , Birdsey G , Randi AM , Leiper 

ZO-1 controls endothelial adherens junctions, cell-cell tension, angiogenesis, and barrier formation. Journal of Cell Biology (2015)

Tornavaca O , Chia M , Dufton N , Almagro LO , Conway DE , Randi AM , Schwartz MA , Matter K , Balda MS. 

The endothelial transcription factor ERG promotes vascular stability and growth through Wnt/β-catenin signaling.

Birdsey GM , Shah AV , Dufton N , Reynolds LE , Osuna Almagro L , Yang Y , Aspalter IM , Khan ST , Mason JC , Dejana E , Göttgens B , Hodivala-Dilke K , Gerhardt H , Adams RH , Randi AM. 

Hydrogen sulfide and resolution of acute inflammation: A comparative study utilizing a novel fluorescent probe.  Scienticfic Reports (2012)

Dufton N, Natividad J, Verdu EF, Wallace JL. Scienticfic Reports (2012)

Therapeutic anti-inflammatory potential of formyl-peptide receptor agonists.

Dufton N, Perretti M. Pharmacology and Therapeutics (2010)

Anti-inflammatory role of the murine formyl-peptide receptor 2: ligand-specific effects on leukocyte responses and experimental inflammation.

Dufton N, Hannon R, Brancaleone V, Dalli J, Patel HB, Gray M, D'Acquisto F, Buckingham JC, Perretti M, Flower RJ. Journal Immunology (2010)