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My background experience lies in cell culture and enzyme assays in inherited metabolic diseases research.  I began working in Immunology in 1988 and have been in the Antigen Presentation Research Group since 1992. 

I provide research support for multiple APRG projects, some of which include investigating the biology and role of dendritic cells in inflammatory bowel disease especially in ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, the ultimate aim being to improve therapies for these diseases.

I am also the Safety Officer for the APRG.

Core Expertise

Transmission electron microscopy for examination of morphological changes in cells of the immune system especially in dendritic cells, furthering our knowledge of the role of lipids in the immune system.

Cell culture for experiments using dendritic cells and molecular biology techniques (Real-Time PCR to determine gene expression by relative quantification in relation to housekeeping genes). 

Current Research

My current research, with Prof. Stella Knight and Dr Lydia Durant in collaboration with the Institute of Food Research in Norwich, focuses on investigating differences in immune cells from the left and right colon, the effects of microbiota-derived soluble factors on immune function and the production and characterisation of “adipocyte-like” dendritic cells.